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Capital City: Reykjavik

Currency: Icelandic króna

Official languages: Icelandic

Interesting places to visit include: The Blue Lagoon, Gullfoss Waterfall

Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+0000)

Largest City: Reykjavik

With its rainbow-arched waterfalls, cleave mountains with snowcapped peaks just beyond its capital, Reykjavík. You can climb mountains, ford rivers, watch birds, catch fish, and even tend herd at a typical Icelandic farm.

But did you know that even though its name is ice, Iceland is actually mostly green, not icy! And is a country offering beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife with everything from puffins to whales.

Best Day Trips From Reykjavik, Iceland – Reykjavik Excursions

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Reykjavik is a city steeped in history and Icelandic culture. Located on the western side of the island, it sits over the very spot historical Norseman first set foot on the island some 1100 years ago. While the Icelandic capital has some great things to do and see (even though it's relatively small), Reykjavik can also act [...]

Best Things to Do in Iceland – Iceland Attractions

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Currently Iceland is one of the most top-rated tourist destinations in the world. Tourists are flocking to visit the Iceland attractions which tend to revolve around the country’s spectacular landscapes. Look: Iceland activities include hikes through national parks to see dormant volcanoes, picturesque waterfalls, giant glaciers - in fact you can even hike on a glacier. In this post [...]