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Aruba is a caribbean island that belongs to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Capital City: Oranjestad

Currency: Aruban Florin (AWG)

Official languages: Dutch, Papiamento

Neighbouring countries: Curacao and Barbados

Interesting places to visit include: Arikok National Park, Eagle Beach, California Lighthouse, Conchi – Aruba’s Natural Pool

Time Zone: Aruba Time (GMT/UTC – 4h)

Largest City: Oranjestad

Animals like flamingoes are free to roam around the breathtaking beaches, which is being popular now since the social media age.

With its island, Aruba is definitely the one you can’t get away with once you experience it – because it’s hard to find anything like it -gorgeous weather, serene beaches, exciting land and sea activities plus its sparkling corner.

These are just some things that the country is proud of and are happy to share it with many people.

Many travellers says that when you visit the happy island, you’ll certainly decide to plan your next visit again.

It’s not only the place you’ll want to come back to, it’s also the friendly people that adds to your many reasons.

Conchi – Aruba’s Natural Pool

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Conchi - Aruba´s Natural Pool is situated on a deserted stretch of coastline. Already the journey through some of Aruba’s most rugged terrain is an adventure itself. Once there you can enjoy one of Aruba´s most beautiful places. Aruba´s Natural Pool, also called ¨Conchi¨or ¨Cura di Tortuga" is situated in the north of the Caribbean island in the Arikok National Park, a very [...]

Hooiberg Aruba

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The Hooiberg, a 165 meters high volcanic formation, is located almost in the middle of Aruba. On a clear day it is possible to see Venezuela from the top.  The Hooiberg is a 165 meters high volcanic formation on the Caribbean Island Aruba. It is located almost in the middle of the Island and can be seen from almost [...]