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Capital City: Hanoi

Currency: Vietnamese Dong

Official languages: Vietnamese

Neighbouring countries: China, Laos, Cambodia

Interesting places to visit include: Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Da Nang

Time Zone: Indochina Time (ICT+07)

Largest City: Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam is filled with captivating natural beauty, amazing archaeological wonders and delicious cuisine. Discover tradition and history in Vietnam’s charming rural villages.

Traveling in Vietnam is an absolutely amazing experience. The people, food and culture is wonderful.

Luxury Hotel Review – Pandanus Resort & Spa Mui Ne, Vietnam

By |2019-03-17T19:25:50+02:00November 19th, 2015|Asia, Best Luxury Hotels, Luxury Hotel Reviews, Reviews, Vietnam|

Pandanus Resort & Spa Mui Ne is the place to stay when you are in Mui Ne Area and looking for some relaxation and restfulness. It has opened in 2004 right next to the beach. The accommodations are built in a huge garden with tropical plants, lakes with lotus blossoms and small streams. Read here my Luxury Hotel Review - Pandanus Resort & [...]

The Day I Got Hit By A Vietnamese Policeman

By |2018-09-02T23:06:43+02:00November 18th, 2015|Asia, Vietnam|

My day started pretty good. I went to the famous white sand dunes about 40 kilometres east of my hotel. It is claimed to be the driest spot in South East Asia and you kinda feel like in the sahara desert. I hiked over the dunes and tried sand boarding ... which didn't really work out. It was nevertheless a great experience. [...]