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“It’s more fun in the Philippines” like the official tourism slogan says.

And the Philippines indeed have so much to offer.

Palawan for example was rated as the world’s best island. Coron is a great place for wreck diving and has an incredible landscape.

Then there are volcanos, Boracay with beautiful beaches and many more sights that are definitely worth it to travel to the Philippines.

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel to the Philippines.

Coron Luxury Resorts: Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel & Two Seasons Island Resort & Spa

By |2019-03-17T12:30:04+02:00March 24th, 2018|Asia, Best Luxury Hotels, Luxury Hotel Reviews, Philippines, Reviews|

The Two Seasons Coron Bayside Hotel and the Two Seasons Island Resort & Spa offer the perfect combination of a city and tropical island getaway and provide the best place to stay in Coron if you are looking for the best Coron luxury resorts. The Two Seasons Bayside Hotel is one of the brand new Coron luxury Hotels in the [...]

10 Reasons Why You Should Travel to the Philippines

By |2019-03-18T11:58:13+02:00April 10th, 2017|Asia, Philippines|

If you’re travelling to South East Asia, don’t forget to visit the Philippines. Why? There are plenty of surprising reasons why you need to see this country besides Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand. In fact, Philippines has a lot of hidden treasures to offers.  Find here the Top 10 reasons why you should travel to the Philippines. 1. 7,107 islands [...]

Filipino Food: Popular Dishes of the Philippines That You Have To Try!

By |2019-03-17T16:33:59+02:00February 15th, 2017|Asia, Food, Philippines|

Some international foodies have despised Balut after trying it. But did you know that apart from this notorious Filipino food, there are other must-try local dishes in the Philippines? Well, perhaps let’s start with adobo, sisig, lechon, sinigang, and many others which will be highlighted in the following list. Thing is, this tropical island located in the Asian continent [...]

Hotel Review Coron Soleil Garden Resort

By |2019-03-17T17:26:37+02:00December 4th, 2016|Asia, Luxury Hotel Reviews, Philippines, Reviews|

Coron Soleil Garden is a new four star premium Resort on the beautiful Filipino island Coron. It is just a five minutes drive from the center of Coron town. The Busuanga airport is 11 km away. The hotel has a Filipino Inspired Design with nature elements in form of wood and stones. The illuminated outdoor pool with water fountains. [...]

Honda Bay Island Hopping Palawan, Philippines

By |2019-03-17T17:23:54+02:00November 21st, 2016|Asia, Philippines|

Honda Bay is one of the best travel destinations in Palawan, Philippines. If you want to discover pristine beaches with powdery white sand and clear blue waters, this is the place to go. With a lot of reliable boat guides in the island, you can ultimately enjoy a Honda Bay Island Hopping for a pleasurable and unforgettable sightseeing experience. [...]

20 Best Things To Do In Manila, Philippines

By |2019-03-17T17:26:04+02:00November 13th, 2016|Asia, Best Things To Do In, Philippines|

Is there a convincing reason why people should visit Philippines’ capital city Manila? Well, despite some negative reviews on the internet, there are more advantages why local and foreign tourists need to give Manila a chance. The plethora of entertainment venues and historical sites never fail to amaze visitors all year round. 1. Araneta Coliseum Named after [...]

15 Most Amazing Instagram Photos Of Palawan, Philippines

By |2019-03-17T17:23:10+02:00November 7th, 2016|Asia, Instagram, Philippines|

Palawan was voted as the best island in the world. With these instagram photos you can easily understand why. 1. Twin Lagoon Coron, in the north of Palawan.   We can never forget the beautiful places we have been. A photo posted by P͟a͟t͟y͟ M͟o͟r͟e͟n͟o ???????????????? (@patymoreno8) on Mar 28, 2016 at 3:33pm PDT 2. Amazing shot taken from the [...]

Palawan’s Most Beautiful Diving Sites

By |2019-03-17T17:32:49+02:00October 27th, 2016|Asia, Philippines|

The Philippines, being an archipelago, is quite famous for the myriad beaches and shorelines people from all over the world want to see. Palawan, an island region west of the Philippines, is also famous for this. However, apart from the beach scenes in Palawan, the island also prides itself with its dive spots, and one of the best Palawan [...]

Ultimate List of Best Things to Do in Coron, Philippines

By |2019-03-17T17:29:47+02:00October 25th, 2016|Asia, Best Things To Do In, Philippines|

Aside from sightseeing and boat tours, there are more ways to enjoy the picturesque Coron Island of Palawan, Philippines. Some of the exciting activities you can do here include wreck diving, mountain hiking and island hopping. You will surely love the natural views around you while trying out some new things that only Coron offers. So if you are [...]