31 Photos That Show Why Masada Is One Of The Most Exciting Places In Israel

By Tim Kroeger September 11, 2018 Middle East, Israel

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Massada is located on the top of a mountain with steep sides and a flat top. From here you can overlook the desert on the west and the Dead Sea on the east side.

There are two options to access the site; either by foot or by a cable car. I however recommend you to walk up the winding snake path.

You will not only appreciate the view from the top more but also be able to enjoy breathtaking views on the way up. The walk takes about 40 minutes.

Don’t forget to use sun blocker and carry enough water!

FAQ Masada:

1. How high is Masada?

The cliffs on the east side of Masada are around 400 meters high whereby the cliffs on the west side only have a height of 90 meters. The plateau on the top has a size of around 550 meters by 270 meters.

2. Where is Masada located in Israel?

Masada is located in the east of Judaean Desert, around 2o km away from the Dead Sea. Therefore, you can combine a visit to Masada easily with a trip to the Dead Sea.

3. Who built Masada?

The fortress of Massada was built in the year 30 BCE by King Herod, whose architectural feats have left their mark throughout the country.

At the beginning of the great revolt against Rome in the year 68 BCE, the site was conquered by a group of Jewish zealots, and Massada became their last stronghold.

In the year 72 the Romans besieged Massada and succeeded in reaching the steep fortress after constructing a huge earthen ramp on its western side.

In the year 73, the 960 Jewish zealots living at the top of Massada chose to commit suicide rather than to fall into the hands of the Romans alive.

Their deeds left behind a saga of courage, heroism, and martyrdom (TouristIsrael).

Masada Pictures:

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    Hey Tim, you have said everything with the pictures really Massada is such a great place to visit in Israel :)

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