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In today’s MYCITY interview Rhonda from “Albom Adventures” introduces Auckland, New Zealand where she is living since more than 13 years.

NAME, Profession

RHONDA ALBOM, Travel blogger and photographer.

Please introduce yourself:

I am Rhonda Albom, a travel blogger and photographer based in Auckland, New Zealand. An American expat, I have lived here since I fell in love with the city 13 years ago. I am also the author of the interactive travel guide, Choose A Way Auckland.

My city:

Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland skyline as seen from Mt. Victoria in Devonport

My favorite place to eat:

Auckland has many great restaurants. Federal Street Plaza near the Sky Tower is home to many of my favourites: Bellota for Spanish Tapas; Masu for Japanese; Federal Street Deli, Depot, or Andy’s Burgers for casual dining. For dessert head over to Giapo on Queen Street for what is possibly the world’s best ice cream.

A typical dish of Auckland:

A typical dish at home is meat and two vegetables. Local restaurants are an eclectic mix of ethnicities. Kiwi fare is often considered to be fish and chips, meat pies, or seafood.

My favorite bar:

I am not a traditional bar goer, so my favourite is Xuxu Dumpling Bar in Britomart. However, if I were into the after-work bar scene, I would head to Provedor, or for late night fun, to the Roxy or Snapdragon.

Rangatoto Island as seen from the ferry
Rangatoto Island as seen from the ferry

What about the Nightlife?

  1. Britomart for a bit of class
  2. Ponsonby for a more relaxed atmosphere
  3. Viaduct Harbour for clubs
  4. Classic Comedy on Queen street for laughs
  5. K-Road for the seedier side of fun

Things to do for free:

  1. Wintergardens on Auckland Domain
  2. Hike to the summit of Mt. Eden or One Tree Hill
  3. Explore the old military tunnels at North Head in Takapuna
  4. Te Uru: Waitakere Contemporary Gallery (donation requested)
  5. Beaches, hiking, walking trails, and public parks.

Keep away of:

Two things to keep away from, rush hour traffic and the summer sun. Unfortunately, the hole in the ozone layer over Antarctica thins the atmosphere’s protective layer over New Zealand between December and February. Wear a hat, cover up, and use sunscreen.

Best way to get around:

Walking is the best way to see it all. However, if you prefer a ride, the bus is the best option in the central city where the traffic is heavy and parking is expensive. If you are travelling outside the CBD, a private vehicle is usually best. Remember, we drive on the left in New Zealand.

Inside one of the Greenhouses at Wintergarden

Best place for first date:

I arrived as a married person, so I have no first-hand knowledge on this one. I would imagine a hike up one of the cities 48 volcanos, followed by a cafe would be an ideal afternoon. For the less adventurous, visit a weekend market before heading to a cafe.

Best place to meet locals:

Regional parks, beaches, and weekend markets.

Best place to relax:

Outdoors: A grassy patch on an elevated park.
Indoors: Any local neighbourhood cafe

Best spot to watch people:

Mission Bay Reserve or Queen Street.

Where to stay?

CBD if you are going to use public transportation. Ponsonby, Parnell or Mission Bay if you have a car.

Relaxing at the summit of Mt. Eden in Auckland New Zealand
Relaxing at the summit of Mt. Eden in Auckland New Zealand

Five hot tips for enjoying Auckland:

  1. Walk and explore.
  2. Climb a Volcano for the best free views of the city.
  3. Get out on the water – either a sightseeing boat, jet boat, ferry, sailing adventure, or a dolphin discovery.
  4. Enjoy breakfast or morning coffee in a neighbourhood cafe.
  5. Go out to the west coast for a hike in the subtropical rainforest or a visit to one of the “wild” beaches.

One thing you would like to change about Auckland?

Right now that’s easy. The city is expanding its light rail, and there is far too much construction going on in the city.

My City Auckland New ZealandRhonda Albom is a travel photographer, freelance writer, and award-winning blogger at Albom Adventures. Living in Auckland since 2003, Rhonda writes about her travels in New Zealand and around the world. Collectively, with her husband and her two teenage girls, they have visited 52 countries on six continents. She is the author of the Auckland edition of the Choose A Way series* of books. Rhonda homeschools her girls, is on a women’s yacht racing team, leads a Girl Guide group, and enjoys a good cup of coffee. Follow Rhonda on facebook, twitter, instagram and Pinterest.

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